2019 Fall Scholarship Winner

Twice a year (Fall & Spring), the SF Chapter and Construction Section award $500 scholarship’s to students in the Occupational Health & Safety AS program at Las Positas College in Livermore. We’re pleased to announce the recipient of the Chapter Fall 2019 student scholarship is Venus Maria Cruz. We are also pleased to announce the recipient of the Construction Section scholarship is Matt Chasm.

Venus immigrated to the United States from a developing country and knows firsthand what it is like to work in an environment where the job is more important than the worker. She recalls learning Universal precautions at the University, but knew that safety was not a priority in the laboratory workplace. She remembers that workers in her country typically accept the risk associated with hazards and hope the employer will compensate for medical bills if an accident occurs. Workers were rarely offered benefits including education and safety training. Few workers would report incidents due to the fear of being fired. As she completes her second class in the OSH degree program at Las Positas College, Venus recognizes the risks employers need to manage for their workers and the rights afforded to workers in the United States that exist without the fear of retaliation.Venus is a full-time student and mother and sincerely appreciates the assistance of the ASSP scholarship. She plans to complete her Associates degree in 2020 and subsequently contribute to the safety community in a laboratory environment. Her goal is to help workers safety go home to their families as healthy as when they arrived at the workplace.

Matt Chasm is the Fall 2019 recipient of the Construction Section’s $500 scholarship at Las Positas College. Matt is pictured at left receiving the scholarship check from Steve McConnell, Las Positas College Adjunct Faculty and Chapter Student Affairs Chair.

Matt has completed the OSH and RADs classes required as part of the Associates of Arts degree program at Las Positas. He plans to complete his degree in the Fall 2020 semester and transfer to CSU, Sacramento to complete a Health Sciences degree with an emphasis in Occupational Safety. Matt previously worked as an equipment operator and foreman for Specialty Crushing, a concrete and asphalt recycling company. He joined Argent Materials as a Safety and Compliance officer in 2017. Matt’s professional goals include becoming a Certified Safety Professional and a Qualified Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Practitioner. In the meantime, he strives to improve safe performance at Argent Materials.