Seeking Employment

Looking for a safety job in the Bay Area? Send your resume to Webmaster to be posted on our website.

Please note:

  • Please name your document file with your first and Last Name and the word ‘resume’ with hyphens or underscores between words. Example: jane-doe-resume.doc
    • You might also include a certification designation in the name leaving: jane-doe-csp-resume.doc
  • We will set the resume to expire in approximately 6 months from the date of posting.
    • If -at the 6 month mark – you need it extended just let us know.
    • If you get a job before the 6 month mark please let us know as well, so that others that still need a job aren’t competing unnecessarily.
  • Make sure we have a PERSONAL EMAIL IN YOUR MESSAGE (we don’t dig through resumes for information) to get back to you with any questions or to let you know the job is posted.  Otherwise we will just respond to the email address the original message came from and if that’s your work email – maybe not a good idea.

Resumes for Review:

Raman Ghuman, available for employment May 2024